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Our keychains are handmade using our 1.5" button maker, with quality metal parts. The keychains feature a plastic mylar covering to product the image on it. You can customize these keychains with any image you like, they make a great gift!

1.5" Button 'Chain' & 'Snake' Keychains!

Quantity Price (CDN funds) Shop Online with us
1 $2.93 Etsy
5 $13.59 Etsy
10 $18.81 Etsy
50 $78.38 Etsy
100 $102.62 Etsy
Please note that prices do not include shipping.These are just our popular quantities should you need more or less just contact us by e-mail!
Need help designing your keychain? Just contact us, we are happy to help you. And if you'd like to design your own keychain just use this template:
1.5" Buttons:
PDF Template
PSD Template
(zipped file)