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1" Pinback Buttons

These 1" pinback buttons are small, cost effective and made using our 1" button maker using quality metal parts. The pins feature a plastic mylar covering to product the image on it. You can customize these with any image or logo, great for weddings or band merch!

Quantity Price (CDN funds) Shop Online with us
1 $1.35  
20 $18.06 Etsy
50 $26.46 Etsy
100 $41.00 Etsy
500 $164.43 Etsy

Please note that prices do not include shipping.These are just our popular quantities should you need more or less just contact us by e-mail!

>> Need help designing your pinback button? Just contact us, we are happy to help you. And if you'd like to design your own just use this template:
1.5" Buttons:
PDF Template
PSD Template
(zipped file)