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About Us

Owner of Bayleaf Buttons Megan Isis

Megan, owner of Bayleaf Buttons.

Way back in May 2011, I purchased a button maker so I could make myself some buttons. And I figured to help cover the cost of the machine I would sell some online and do a few custom orders for other people and that would be it. Well that has changed!

I have grown and expanded with two new sizes 1" and 2.25". And it isn't about covering my button press cost anymore it is about helping other people expressing themselves on a button hence why our slogan-yes we have a slogan is: Expressing you. Sharing thoughts, views, laughs and anything you can put on a button.

And recently we have invested in a new piece of euiqptment a 24" Vinyl cutter, so expect to see a new line of products soon!

I absolutely love making buttons, it is a little addictive! We take custom orders of all quantities from 1 to infinity all handmade in Canada.

If you have something you'd like on a button or just want to ask a question don't be shy! E-mail me at: orders [!at]

Currently Blogging for <-- check it out here!

Featured online and in the Cambridge Times Newspaper (uncredited) Photo #3. Article

Cambridge Times Article featuring Bayleaf Buttons